Steps to Receive Your Airdrop:

  1. Access the Airdrop: Visit the Pryzm Airdrop page → and make sure you click “Add Pryzm Chain to Keplr”.
  2. Prepare Your Wallet: Ensure you have a Pryzm wallet address. Refer to the Leap and Keplr video guides for instructions, or click “Check your Pryzm address” at the bottom of the page to display your address.
  3. Choose the Right Chain: Select the blockchain you think you’ve qualified for an airdrop on. Currently, the only active airdrop campaign is StakeDrop → [StakeDrop - Airdrop Details](
  4. Verification: Your wallet address will fill in automatically. Click “verify” to check your eligibility for the airdrop and if you’re delegating to a Pryzm validator. If you’ve delegated recently, your wallet should be recognized as eligible immediately.
  5. Link Your Wallet: If eligible, you’ll be prompted to link the Pryzm wallet where you want to receive the airdrop. Enter any Pryzm wallet address you own.
  6. Confirm with a Micro Transaction: A small transaction will be sent with your Pryzm wallet noted in the memo.
  7. Finalize the Link: After the transaction is complete, your wallet will be linked and ready to receive the airdrop.

Guidance for Metamask Users on Dymension:

By following these instructions, you’ll ensure your eligibility for the Pryzm wallet registration is correctly recognized.

Guidance for Mobile Users: